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Keys Learning Center was founded on the belief that every student has his/her own unique educational path.  Keys Learning Center will help on your journey. 

Laura & Nick Wright began teaching at Key West High School in 2001 and founded Keys Learning Center in 2011.  The Colby College sweethearts taught in the Czech Republic, Alaska, and Maine before settling in as “fresh-water Conchs.”  Nick & Laura have two children – Tess & Brady – enrolled in MCSD. 


Instead of employing a "one-size-fits-all" approach, Keys Learning Center operates on the belief that education should serve the needs of the student.  Whether it's test prep, credits, math, reading, behavior, or organization that's holding  

Our facility in the heart of Key West


Mr. Wright founded Keys Learning
Center in 2011 after a decade teaching at Key West High School (as well as Maine, Alaska, Connecticut, and the Czech Republic).

He is six foot, six inches tall and can't dunk a basketball.  He also regularly boasts that he invented sunset at Mallory Square.  His expertise is in college applications and essays, as well as SAT/ACT preparation.

He'll help your child succeed.  Ask any Key West student or parent who knows him.  

Laura Blythe Wright is the educational director at Keys Learning Center.  

During her fifteen year tenure at Key West High School (after Maine and Alaska), Ms. Wright posted record test scores in Environmental Science, Physics and Biology.  Key West alumni come by daily to thank her.

She is absolutely the best at everything. Calculus, Chemistry, World History, or College Essays - Ms. Blythe Wright is the best there is.   Ask anyone who has ever worked with her.

Captain Troy Cain is the best math mind at Keys Learning Center.

After a career in the Army, Troy moved to Key West to help students with chemistry, calculus, algebra, geometry or any math or science.

Capt. Cain is also an expert on the ASVAB, entrance to Military Academies, and the SAT/ACT.  Troy is available for individual lessons.  

Kathy is our best tutor.  Keys Learning Center is lucky she chooses to work with us.

After 30+ years teaching math and science at HOB, Kathy specializes in middle math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry) for students in grades 7-10.

Ms. Brady is reserved for weekly recurring appointments. 

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