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Just like the movie he hasn’t seen, Emerson (class of 2019) is clearly the “other Tucker”; he falls short of his Brobdingnagian brother only in stature.  A Self-Reliant Transcendentalist, Emerson enjoys Muay Thai martial arts, science fiction novels, and his vinyl record collection.  Spending his free time as a piano prodigy, Emerson still doesn’t understand the rules of football, or why anyone cares about the Dallas Cowboys.    

Aptitudes:  History, Mathematics, Reading, Martial Arts, Music

Interests:  Physical fitness, Piano, Science Fiction, Vinyl Records

Overall Rank: Child of the Universe


(class of 2018) Blond Ambition Tour has taken her through the torturous trials of Lady Conch Soccer, the adventurous terrain of the Circle F Dude Ranch, and the beaches of Thailand. Efficient and straightforward, Becca knows exactly how much time and energy is required to receive each A. Despite her shortcomings behind the wheel, she drives straight to the source of every problem.


In ancient Sanskrit, the name Divya (Class of 2020) signifies the divine, the brilliant, or the extraordinary.  Clearly, only our Divya can match the magnificence of such a heavenly handle.  Well travelled in Asia and South America (through Experiment in International Living), there is no topic that she cannot master.   She enjoys writing, travelling, making music and exploring the world.

Aptitudes: Reading, Mathematics, History, Pop Culture

Interests: Travelling, Arts, Ethnic Food, Surreptitious Escapes

Overall Rank: Mystic Philosopher

Student tutors 

Ryan Despite his blond hair, Ryan “The Machine” Keane (class of 2019) revives the male ideal as a Renaissance Man.   A future attorney striving to attend the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Ryan is a stalwart on the Conch Basketball team, supports the Special Olympics as President of Project Unify, and enjoys writing love letters to himself.  When not looking at himself in the mirror, Ryan enjoys working with students on fundamental mathematics and reading.   Book now to know how he’s rockin’ it. 
Aptitudes:   Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Reading, Color Blindness

Interests:  Basketball, Project Unify, Driving School, Auto Repair

Overall Rank:  Grand Master Brain Wizard