Sam Golden

Passionate about the Florida Keys, Morgan's childhood was spent pull lobster and stone crab traps, and chasing land crabs and iguanas. Athletic endeavors in the ocean created one of Key West's most storied athletes.

Cameron Osborne

Jared Perez

Matt Cheung

Grace Brody

Whether he is performing at piano recitals, winning matches as captain of the Key West Tennis team, or traveling through the campos of Argentine with EIL, Matt has found success in all endeavors.

Chase Fariss

Jacob Elomina

When he accepted his placement at The Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, RI, Jared told me: "It's better. After a year in Newport, I will enter Annapolis with better fitness, with better training, and with better preparedness to become a Navy Seal."

 Jason Sonnenfeld

Danny Kearney

Bianca Bernhard

Ashley Martin

Kealy Fogarty

Tutoring center



Emily Conn

Sami Brody

 Chris Brown

Erika Dam

Kloud Pailloux-Paturno

Firdavs came to Keys Learning Center offering to draw pictures for me in exchange for tutoring.Given opportunity, Firdavs will always succeed. Firdavs tackled Advanced Placement curriculum, won state championships for the Television Production Team, and took home a National Championship in Magazine Illustration from the Scholastic Press.

Kloud turned Keys Learning Center into a place where everyone felt accepted and loved. The last and best thing people see in Keys Learning Center is Kloud's hand, beckoning "High Five Me! You did a good job!

Hannah Child

Tianna Stiglitz

Julien Ohayon

Firdavs Yuldashev

A hardworking student and athlete, Tianna was a member of the Cheer Squad for four years, tanked her future political career, and mastered mathematics at Keys Learning Center

Morgan Bentley

As the college experience becomes a common milestone in life, submitting undergraduate applications in the final year of high school can be a self reflecting and memorable task. In times of adversity during the application process, these students from Key West High School and other locations turn to the Learning Center for guidance. Because of their experience here, these exceptional students were able to achieve their dreams and attend the institutions that they wanted to be a part of. 

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Patrick Roesser