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SAT/ACT Prep Program     


Credit Recovery is a great way to obtain missed credits and make up for lost time while staying on task and up to date with graduation requirements. Available on-site and from home, students have all options at their disposal in order to simultaneously complete past and present credits/classes. 


College Applications

The Halpern Family represents the true meaning of One Human Family. Inspired by Michelle Halpern belief Never Let Your Burdens Define You. This program provides tutoring, mentoring, experiential education and the possibility of college scholarships to all students qualifying for free/reduced lunch are eligible.

College Acceptance is the end result of twelve years of hard work in school.  Identify colleges that fit your unique personality, education, and future!
Work with Mr. Wright on the all-important College Essay, and make your application shine with Keys Learning Center

Scholarship Programs 

​Working together with peers and tutors often brings the best (and most cost effective) education in your problem area.  Working together with expert tutors in small groups, students keep up with fast paced classes and work together to submit a premium product. 

Work weekly with study groups in Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Algebra II, SAT/ACT, Advanced Placement and more..... or sect a 10 class pass and mix and match to fit your individual need. 


Keys Learning Center’s Flagship Program has helped students gain acceptance to Duke, Cornell, Berkeley, the U.S. Naval Academy, Georgetown, NYU, and Vanderbilt (among others) not to mention the University of Florida
and Florida State.